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Public Attributes

_typMascot Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int anime_frm
int anime_ptn
int anime_seq
int anime_seqend
gint bal_defpos
gint bal_lxoff [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gint bal_lyoff [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gint bal_mode
gint bal_page
gint bal_pos
gint bal_rxoff [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gint bal_ryoff [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gint balheight
int balseq
int baltext_x
int baltext_y
gint balwidth
gint bar_offset
gint bar_size
gchar * click_sound [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
int click_total
int click_weight [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
char * click_word [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gboolean clk_drag
gint clk_page
gboolean clk_pm
int clk_x
int clk_y
int clkmode
gint clksd_x
gint clksd_y
int clktext_x
int clktext_y
gint clktype
gchar * code
GdkColor * colbal
GdkColor * colbalbd
GdkColor * colbalbg
GdkColor * colclk
GdkColor * colclkbd
GdkColor * colclkbg
GdkColor * colclksd
gint cons_check_mode
gchar * copyright
typCursor cursor
GdkColor * def_colbal
GdkColor * def_colbalbd
GdkColor * def_colbalbg
GdkColor * def_colclk
GdkColor * def_colclkbd
GdkColor * def_colclkbg
GdkColor * def_colclksd
gchar * deffontname_bal
gchar * deffontname_clk
char digit [20]
gboolean drag
gint duet_delay [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gchar * duet_file
gint duet_mode
gboolean duet_open
gint duet_ptn [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gint duet_seq
gchar * duet_tgt [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gboolean duet_use_click
gboolean duet_use_random
gchar * duet_word [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
gint ff_side
char * file
gboolean flag_clkrd
gboolean flag_clksd
gboolean flag_common
gboolean flag_consow
gboolean flag_install
gboolean flag_menu
gboolean flag_ow
gboolean flag_ow_ini
gboolean flag_xp
guint focus_autobar
GdkFont * fontbal
GdkFont * fontclk
gchar * fontname_bal
gchar * fontname_clk
int frame_num [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
GdkGC * gc_bal [2]
GdkGC * gc_balbd [2]
GdkGC * gc_balbg [2]
GdkGC * gc_balmask [2]
GdkGC * gc_clk [2]
GdkGC * gc_clkbd [2]
GdkGC * gc_clkbg [2]
GdkGC * gc_clkmask [2]
GdkGC * gc_clksd [2]
GdkGC * gc_main [2]
GdkGC * gc_mainsd [2]
int height
int height_root
gboolean home_auto
gboolean home_auto_vanish
gint home_x
gint home_y
gint homepos_nb
gint homepos_nf
gint homepos_out
gchar * inifile
gchar * installed_menu_dir
gint ip_style
gint magnify
typMail mail
gchar * menu_cat [MAX_MENU_CATEGORY]
gint menu_cat_max
gchar * menu_code
gchar * menu_file
gint menu_tgt_max [MAX_MENU_CATEGORY]
gchar * menu_tgt_name [MAX_MENU_CATEGORY][MAX_MENU_TARGET]
gint menu_total
gint move
gchar * name
gboolean no_capbar
int nPixmap
gint offset
gint offsetp
gint pixmap_page
gboolean raise_force
gboolean raise_kwin
int random_total
int random_weight [MAX_ANIME_PATTERN]
char * rcfile
gint sdw_x_int
gint sdw_y_int
typSignal signal
gchar * sockmsg
gint sockmsg_expire
gint sockmsg_expire_def
gint sockmsg_step
gint sockmsg_type
gchar * sound_command
gchar * sysmsg
gchar * tar_command
int wbalbd
int wclkbd
int width
int width_root
int x
int xfix
gint xoff
int y
int yfix
gint yoff

Detailed Description

Definition at line 692 of file main.h.

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